Sponsor A Family

We implemented a "sponsor a family"  program for any one who would like to pave a pathway for a more promising life for our families that are in need by taking on the needs of the ailing child. To find out more please contact us at Info@pavingpathwaysfortomorrow.org

We also want to thank the LONG ISLAND EXOTICS CLUB for puttting together a car show of 50 cars for Nico's 19th birthday.

LONG ISLAND EXOTICS CLUB has sponsored every past event we had for Nico. Thank you LIEC for your support in sponsoring our family!


DeGeorges Syndrome

Thank you to the Scott Carlin Family for paving that pathway for Joshua who was in need of a computer to be home schooled..

Joshua has a rare genetic disorder called DeGeorges Syndrome.


Escobar Syndrome

Julia is an 8 yr old girl who was diagnosed with Escobar Syndrome.  Escobar syndrome is  a highly rare congenital disorder that causes webbing of the skin around joints and reduces fetal movement. This can result in restrictions of joint movement , small stature and facial deformities. Scoliosis, respiratory problems , heart conditions and other severe secondary problems may arise and vary as well. 

What this actually means is a person with Escobar syndrome was born with it, they’re going to be shorter than you’re expecting, and their arms and legs will not move the same way yours do all the time.  Escobar presents itself with  webbing typically affects the skin of the neck, fingers, forearms, inner thighs, and backs of the knee, leaving them to walk in a kneeled position at all times .  

More than likely, a person with Escobar is going to have trouble breathing as well as others, will not be able to walk long distances carrying heavy things, and probably has a curve in their spine somewhere. 

There is no cure, fix or solution to Escobar syndrome, but there are many surgical procedures that improve the quality of life of those living with the disorder. After birth, the condition does not worsen and nor does it prevent a normal life expectancy. Due to the rarity of the disorder, there are no known figures for the number of people with Escobar (GHR.gov). 

Special thanks to Michael Miller of Good Photo! We couldn't have brought our foundation, our Julia, to light as you have. Amazing footage and photos. Thank you for your time and compassion!