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As the Director and Founder of "Paving Pathways for Tomorrow", I'm very proud and extremely pleased to announce to opening of our new foundation website and to introduce you to our organization's inspirational leadership.

Our Foundation's Purpose: To bring awareness to the world community about the often unbearable emotional and financial burdens faced daily by single parent households as they care right in their own homes, for their children, who have rare and/or orphan illnesses.

Our Board of Directors:

Debbie Vigliotti ~ Director & Founder
Maria Ditzio ~ Board Member
Claudia Marra ~ Board Member

Our Advisory Board:

Chip Blumberg ~ Creative Consultant
Hannah Kaczmarek ~ Case Management Consultant
Andrew S. Posses, CPA ~ Accounting Consultant
Liz Raifman ~ Healthcare Insurance Consultant
David Warren ~ Website Design Consultant

Web Address:

With unbridled excitement and hope for a brighter future with a direct window to the light, I encourage you to view our website and read "Our Story."

Debbie Vigliotti
Paving Pathways for Tomorrow, Inc
A qualified and registered non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation