He could have cried ..
He could have resented..
He could have refused..
He could have given up on life..
In his 7th week now confined and restricted to these 4 walls.. He found peace.. How??  I ask sometimes ..
I know why...
doctors in and out all day palpating , poking examining him .. up nico down nico .. chest pounding , meds, ultrasounds exrays , blood work every day, wires tubes getting in his way all day , echocardiograms IV pricks , bloods and it goes on.. 😥
but I know how he finds peace in this horrific chaos ..
When he can heal another's heart. When he can make someone else smile.. tears..
I told you about his new friend Joshua . A very sick boy with the same ventilator as his .. younger, sicker, weaker.. breaks my heart. Well it was broke nicos.
Yesterday he asked me to buy something ..
not for him.. but for Joshua..
NICO: Joshua doesn't seem like his mom sees him that muchmom and he looks so sad a lot.
ME: tears !
NICO: so can you buy him some stuff so he can do stuff so he doesn't feel alone??
ME: nico we don't have the means to do what we used to do for kids and... I paused .. you know what I will get him something .. ❤❤
how could I not !! I realized how much it means to him to do for others...
 how much it helps him healwhen he does for others ...I had to find a way.!!!!
So today Lanie his soul sister and I bought him a few lil things . Nico and Lanie wrapped them!!!
Nico got in his wheelchair which by the way took 15 minutes to get him situated.. Nico waiting patiently
We wheelhim to Joshua's room..
we couldn't go in ..
Joshua was very sickand he looked very weak . 💔💔💔
Well nico gave the grandmother the presents and we watched Joshua open them.. Joshua smiled.. Joshua lit up .. Joshua was happy ..
NICO? Was at peace ...
HE SHOULD ASK FOR THE WORLD after all he has been through in 20 years..
right? You would think? But??
It's not Nico .. HE HEALS HES HAPPY.. when he gives.. to others.. nico just told me now! As I am posting ??
Mom I JUST DONATED 100.00 to CANUCKS FOR KIDS!! Omg!! He reassured me tho that he used ? Get this... HIS OWN MONEY.. that he has been receiving as gifts. I can't .. I just can't take this child!!!! MY GODthis child deserves to live!!!
GOD WATCH HIM!!.. He is doing your work!!! 🙏💔
I pray he sees.. I pray he hears.. my nico.. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Debbie Vigliotti