Update on Nico

I knew something was wrong .. nico hasn't been himself?? I know he's sick but this sick ??? Usually he wakes up happy .. chatty perky .. 
feeling always better in the morning .. but today was one of the worst mornings. 
Oxygen dropping heart rate escalating .. chaos ! 
Yes he has at times been himself ..his character and personality shined through but he just isn't himself.. 
I mean .. He has been twitching , jumpy, irritable , snappy, crying , depressed, moody and more angry ..some wouldn't even notice but I am with him so much I just know.. 
Biggest concern? 
His body looking like it was getting zapped the twitching was so bad.. !!

In all the years he has been battling dealing succumbing overcoming the worst of painful battles .. This one seems to be the worst??! 
I asked the nurse if he was given his Zoloft ? Bc this morning he was ripping everything off of him ! 
Turns out even tho I have given the list of meds ? 
look up the dangers of going cold turkey of Zoloft!! 
He has every side affect from withdrawal ! Severe nausea so they have him something for that and ot fell fast asleep ... maybe he will wake up better... 
I want to scream but I decided to now become more proactive and let my voice be heard.. I have been calmly asking to see labs etc.. I will not scream but I have to advocate for my son!

I want to see the med list , check all bloods daily and x rays personally myself rather than go by a .. anyone.. 
I want to see the previous and the now .. compare myself along with them.. 
I still believe we are in a great place but no matter I still have to be proactive... I tried their way.. I do trust them but I need to be just as trusted ! And work together ! 
Relief swarming my body .. relief will be swarming nicos! Very soon .. This is NOT MY Nico .. 
I now know why Nico Hasn't been himself .. you will see NICO change quickly in a day or so after they give him his Zoloft !

Ira Scott