Update on Nico

Christ has risen.. and so has Nico!!!
The first time since Monday.. He has lied in a bed for nearly a week.. with chest pain.. chest tightening .. labored breathing.. 💔💔
agonizing moments for a mother to watch her son lie there helpless for the first time.. patience is what we need .. This week will be a more informative week! 
it's why I have been quiet and honestly I have been utterly drained .. I am taking this all in..
As of now... 
A lot of questions are being asked by the doctors.. yet I feel they will be answered .. 
I am in a unknown mental territory of my body mind and soul
please accept my sincere apologizes for the delayed posts.. and responses..
Right now I focused on this.. Nico and his angel.. 💫🐣🐰🙏😇
she is an ICU NURSE here and they bonded.. When she comes his spirits .. lift so high.. Her touch .. so healing ... 
Nico has risen .. He will keep rising above.. The beast.. 💛🙏

Ira Scott