Update on Nico

The last 2 hours has been the best 2 hours of our 24 hour nightmare .. 
The IV antibiotics are KILLING THE KLEBSIELLA !! 
The burning sensation has come down .. 
The nausea has quieted down .. 
and the site around his GJ tube is getting better!!!!!
The diuretic given has also brought down the Edema and has brought down his heart rate and blood pressure! 
His lungs??? Well that remains to be seen as he is still in critical state.. He started to finally feel better.. you could see it in his eyes.. so beautiful his eyes.. 🤗🙏
THE ER TEAM HAS DONE AN AMAZING JOB TODAY as today was a challenging day.. to keep him stabilized .. 
we still do not have an ICU bed unfortunately.. 
The doctors are consulting with each other about transferring him to Cornell , their sister hospital where he can be safely be taken care of .. Bottom line he needs ICU care.. and there are no beds as of yet and time is of the essence . He is still quite sick .. 
I'm still in shock that he has double lung pneumonia... and atelectasis in his right lung... but it's something I must get over and fight along with him! 
Nico continues to show me .. show us.. he's not giving up.. 
we just have to get him the proper medical care to get him better...

I am ready to follow... God's plan... 
we need your prayers for he is not our of the woodworks but certainly heading in the right direction !!!! 
I can exhale.. a lil.. nicos army !! 
Thank you for being there for us.. especially me today .. it was a rough day.. love to all... 🤗💛🤗💛 
Tomorrow ???? A new day! 

Ira Scott