Update on Nico

Last test before ??? 
We get transferred to Cornell .. 
It's the only option we have.. Its the only chance Nico has at a full recovery.. 
ER is not the place to be and this is our 3rd day here.. He will be in good hands .. Drs here consulted with the ICU TEAM at Cornell.. They are well aware of nicos unique condition and medical needs.. and they are ready for him!!! I feel nico feels confidant and comfortable with this decision ! 
Maybe a new set of eyes, brains, options, ideas just might be what nico needs.. Again.. I decided to let it go and surrender to God's Plan... 
wish us luck !!! And continue to pray ! Please share as we continue to need help to keep up with the extra medical care .. This is going to be a long stay ... 🙏💛 
AND AS WE SPEAK TRANSPORT IS HERE!!!!! Here we go! Johnna you were an amazing ER NURSE!! An angel she was! 

Ira Scott