Ok hi everyone a lot to say ok I'm getting stronger and I try to walk a lot and do everything the doctors  tell me and I get dizzy a lot but  it's not enough and I don't know what else to do and it's almost spring and I want to come home for spring but the it's ok up here and I don't hate it but I don't want to live here and the doctors and trying to get me home but I need too much oxygen and I can't home and I want to see the sky and smell the fresh air and be home I'm on but I'm getting tired and my army is helping me so much like so much and I love everyone so much and you are helping with my nurses and I need  them with me because I can't get up by myself and do anything so thanks I finally feel good and I won't give up because I am a fighter and I beat it again my mom got really sick too and I need her so my army pray for me to get home and keep donating too to my foundation because I want to live like everyone else it's sucks but I know I will get a chance to live  keep sharing and helping my army ok I need you and share 

And go to my moms page for other things going on ok now I'm tired from typing but not giving up never a quitter so don't  quit on me see I'm trying no excuses this is me fighting the fight and don't forget to share me my fight


Debbie Vigliotti