This is from nicos aunt .. my sister Claudia..
So Kevin and I go visit my nephew in the hospital last night. When we got there he was sleeping. Evidently, he didn't go to sleep until 5 a.m that morning. I told his nurse not to wake him and let him nap. He was attached to so many different machines, but still he managed to sleep so peacefully. How?
We left him a little gift and we leave. Ten minutes later my phone rings. It's Nicolas.
Nico: hi Zizi
Me: hi Nico- I came to visit you, but you were napping.
Nico: I know...I wanted to tell you I was sorry. Sorry I was sleeping.
Me: Sorry...you're sorry Nico?
My heart sank and I choked up.
What I wanted to say is I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I can't see you every day and help you get through the day. I'm sorry that you are so far away from all of us. I'm sorry that you are attached to so many machines. I'm sorry that I complain for such stupid, little things. I am the one that is sorry---for so, so,so many things!
You are amazing Nico and you make everything seem so simple. With your determination you are coming home soon! Keep it up!
I love you so much and you never, ever have to say sorry to me or anyone ever again. Ever!

Debbie Vigliotti