If you want to take a cocoa break read up on Nico..
nico came into ICU nearly 2 months ago with the flu..there were moments I was asked to "call the family" . Which means?
He may not make it.. can you imagine having to be told it's time to have your family visit bc your child..... can't even bring myself to say it.. 💔preparing my family .. MY OTHER SON.. while Nico is grappling between life and ... 💔💔

Fighting the intubation .. He fought with all his might .. He said to me,
Nico: mom I am afraid I won't wake up .. Me: Then fight... nico fight !!

So they put him on the vent that is used for intubation and tracheostomy patientsbut he was awake !!!!
You CAN NOT IMAGINE THE PAIN THE DISCOMFORT of this high pressures ventilator was... Then the drs ordered for a cough assist .. ugh. WHEN NICO INHALES, the air is fiercely forced and then upon exhale it suctions out the cough and mucous with great force..
This he hated.. this he feared.. nico was once again forced to do something he feared.. THIS IS TRUE COURAGE ..

We all take for granted the breath you take .. why would you ever give it a second thought. Right?  It's supposed to come natural .. not forced 💔🙏but with every breath my son takes , it's an effort , a it's a struggle it's a strain, yet he still strives to live .. strives to smile through it all!

The doctors shook their heads with tears..
drs: this boy has determination like no other .. He won't go down..
me: nico will fight to the end to stay awake ..
nico has had always rather stay awake then sleep .. he is still like that Today. I believe he feels that if he is given the gift of life then why sleep it off .. and I believe he stays awake because he is afraid to sleep for he is afraid of not waking up.. yes.. these are unfortunate unwanted thoughts .. but it's our reality .. so we all changed our sleeping habits .. YEARS AGO..
I can finally talk about it without tears.. or fears..
Truly don't know how we all made it through this nightmare ...
I can finally show you the video that NICO wanted all to see .. without tears.. bc now he doesn't need it. YES!!!!
I can say that faith.. hope.. will...fight.. prayers...god's will ..Drs.. nurses.. family .. Nicos army !!!!

that love and support from everyone that gave him more purpose more reason to keep fighting ..
I know now it's only time .. time will get him home.. This last mile? Drs were talking about..? No.. it's not .. He has miles!!!

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Our links .. it costs us 9,000 a month up here !😥 and that is just for nico and his extra medical nursing care he needs..Could you imagine I am getting calls already for hospital bills ...!????
We are not even out yet !! Dear god continue our pathway to

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Debbie Vigliotti