A good night capas I have posted quite a bit today ..
Promise you... This is worth it.. 
Nico hasn't been able to have me lie next to him in quite a while.. He had so many machines keeping him alive around the clock ..Heartbreaking that I couldn't .. There just was no room.. and No chance I was able to lie next to my son and help him heal..  💔❤
He thrives on my healing hugs.. It just releases all negative energy..
 anything fearful right out of his soul.. it just happens.. everytime.. 💛
He used to tell me he breathed better..
and he did.. 
He always did.. 🙏🙏#mommyhugs
having been sooo sick the last week..
😷🤧😷🤧.  I am now mask free .. gloves free.. !

Nico: mom (sigh) I've been waiting for you .. smile..
Me: I was waiting for you.. (chuckle)
Nico: well? Get in..
Me: I got in...
Nico: grabs my leg. I gently place my hand on his.. I draw closeto hum his favorite song..vibrating on his back..
Nico: I love you mom..
Me: Tears washing my face ..
I love you more.. ❤️🙏
And within minutes, he was in dreamland..

No beeping sounds.. no heavy machinery sounds.. no pulling for every breath..
no quivering of his lips..
just breathing... breathing peacefully
( sigh) A Moment I needed .. a moment I will lie awake for as long as I can.. 💛🙏
Wonder what he dreaming about !

Debbie Vigliotti