Board of directors

Debbie Vigliotti - Founder - First and foremost, I want to express my unyielding and deep seated love for my boys, and I also want you to know how exceedingly proud I am of them both, one who is fighting daily to stay alive and the other, who will be starting college this Fall. They are my inner driving force and my very special reason to be.

And secondly, I am this website ... What does that mean you ask ... I AM a single parent ... I HAVE a child who is and has been suffering from a very rare, orphan and debilitating illness ... and I AM dealing on a daily basis with the seemingly always emotional upset and the continual financial worry ...

Please do read "Our Story" on our site to better understand the why I'm spearheading this Foundation and why I have gathered around me, the talented group I have to help us win this most difficult of wars.

Welcome to our site, "Paving Pathways for Tomorrow", where I'm hoping we all can travel together, one paver at a time. 


AdvisorY Board

Chip Blumberg- Freelance Writer • Poet • Journalist • Satirist • Blogger - "Times of Israel" • Former AM Radio Talk Host • Former President - Not for Profit Corp • CPA • "Live life with compassion, both in your heart and in your deeds"
Andrew S Posses CPA- Practice in public accounting since 1985. Responsible for auditing, tax and consulting engagements for a wide variety of clientele. Lecture frequently on Various auditing and tax topics. Professional Memberships include, CPA...NY, American Institute of CPAs, NY State Socistey of CPAs, NY/NJ Surety Assoc., General Contractors Assoc., Subcontactors Trade Assoc. Publice Service including M Scotto Mem Scholaship Fund, Women Builders Council, Inc., A Bruno Memorial Fund.

Liz Raifman is an insurance broker and has had business relationships with many non-profit organizations.  Liz has offered her assistance in advicing us about the insurance coverages we will need.  As my neighbor, and friend, she would like to be involved in the various phases of our new group which would benefit from her expertise.  Having lived in the Woodbury/Jericho are for over 40 years she hopes to reach out to those people she has worked with in various charities.  She has shared many sad moments at our home and cares deeply for our family.  She is grateful that she raised two healthy girls and feels we all should give where we can. 

David Warren is a consultant in IT Project Management with over 25 years of experience spanning companies such as IBM, United Healthcare, Omnicom Media Group, Wyndham Hotel Group, CVS Health and Bed Bath & Beyond as well as many others in the digital and eCommerce space. He has created and maintained both non-profit and commercial websites and digital presences and offered his services to Paving Pathways for Tomorrow after he learned of the foundation and it's mission from his friend and founder Debbie Vigliotti.

Paving pathways towards a brighter future to ensure a more promising life for ailing children one paver at a time