There is a commercial currently running on television for one of the major drug companies pointing out their success in finding a "cure." They emphasize it begins with an idea, inspiration, and on occasional rejection. There is a great deal of scientific research, bunches of sleepless nights and all of a sudden, success looms. Next comes the testing phase and ultimately drug trials with those so afflicted in order to secure the "hoped for" result, millions now with a chance at a normal life despite their illness or disease. A Hollywood ending, yes, and a most wonderful one.

All of this is well and good for those suffering from widespread illness and disease, but unfortunately this is not at all the case for those afflicted with rare illnesses or diseases, such as those addressed by Paving Pathways for Tomorrow, Inc. There generally is no ongoing inspiration nor any major research projects. The "why" is tragic and something we all understand ... Will the new pharmaceutical be profitable ??? This is the reason we all must band together and fight for those with either no voice or one that is barely audible. We must support this cause. Single parent households trying their very best to cope with children afflicted with exceeding rare illness and/or disease, and their unyielding familial burdens.

Debbie Vigliotti, a remarkably energetic and dedicated single mom, can't fight this alone and needs our continued and combined financial help to keep her son safe ... alive. And G-d willing, made strong enough to receive and survive a much needed double lung transplant. The medical expenses never end and are astronomical, as I'm certain you must know. Funds necessary to keep a basic home together are needed as well, as her son's primary care system is at home and administered around the clock, with little help.

Hopefully, some day sooner than later, the right team of interested genetic researchers and medical doctors will come up with a way to formulate a breakthrough for Debbie's son, Nico and his illness, one that is so rare (currently, there are only two known living cases), it doesn't even have a name.

Please, I beseech you, dig deep both in voice and financially to make this actually happen. Please ...

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